working L2 female Orc warrior, clone trooper

she look ...... so ... strong powerful and healthy
this model not to complicated
 re-size and 3d quality 65% reduced


may be this one not good enough for share.

RC-1262 "Scorch" download


RC-1207 "Sev" download



L2 female Elf

Author: namotasa

download link: L2 female Elf
Dimensions: H:431 W:165 D:200


IRON MAN MK1 project by muzachi

Author: muzachi
Post link: None
Dimensions: H:208 W:??? D:???
Build: muzachi

This iron man created by my friend muzachi
very great job. the patterns by hand drawing.


Lineage2: female human knight

my new L2project human fighter. i very love L2 character. she look pretty and strong.
i'm reduce size from 45-50cm to 30cm
dark crystal heaver armor is so cool and easy to make a pieces of paper, but my work still complicated(head part).