available now!!!
Download link: RC-1104

the combo of clone trooper helmet. 

now model part file's done.preparing test building.

and i hope star war fanatic ll be like this trooper.


Trooper girl

Author: brenden
Download link: >>>Here<<< or  here
Dimensions: H:600 W:159 D:168

mix & match between star war and Lineage II (may be).
 very good job by brenden   so awesome!!!


sorry for delay, christmas and then floods played a part. some bugs still remain but here is pdo for you all. thanks for feedback. she stands about 60cm tall. Best to use smooth method for making this model.


Lineage2 :Human knight

now available
scale,unfold,swords fixed

Author: namotasa
Download link: katya
Dimensions: H:312 W:327 D:215

human fighter with Dark Crystal Heavy armor set from Lineage II
rescale , modeling
slim up

old version


Stitch & Lilo : Angel papermodel

Author: VEE playfc
Download link: Angel
Vee PlayFC : Happy new year 2011 gift enjoy for papmo fan around the world, we are friends.



Clone trooper helmet

Author: namotasa
Download link: Clone trooper helmet
Dimensions: H:224 W:199 D:174
note : pdo +pdf  with out test build. 

Happy new year 2011 and enjoy your life .