dino-kapom-saur by GOB lopbook playfc

Author : GOB lopbook playfc
Download link: playfc , miror1

กะปอม>>ka-pom = dragon


00 Gundam seven sword ver patm

Author: PATM
Download link: 00 Gundam seven sword ver patm  head only*
Dimensions: ???

p.s. build and send him picture of oo head for next part. E-mail

picture by 13lack_kero

picture by khang44


RGM - 79 GM ver.patm 1/60

Author: PATM
Download link: RGM - 79 GM ver.patm  pdo *
Dimensions: ???


SD Rx-78 -2 Evolve turbolabo version (detail by seen)

Author: Turbolabo
Download link: here
               Link2 : Here
Dimensions: H:
model + picture by : SEEN